About the Trainer

After many years of working in a corporate sector, I decided to dive into Entrepreneurship and build my online business while enjoying life.

Online Earning has become a passion of mine, which includes helping others develop that passion as well as the ability to write their own checks and not depend on a JOB for sustainability.

My humble beginnings started in Village of Toba Tek Singh, where I was born and grew up until my teens.  My parents have brought me to Lahore in 1998, where I happily reside and building my first online business training center only for university graduates and experienced professionals because I believe only the educated people can do this.

My Journey to Start Online Earning

I started earning online in 2007 but my major focus was on my job. After few months when I started to earn online I lost my first job and online earnings helped me to sustain during unemployment. Later I was just doing it as part time and had in mind that this is just a temporary income and in 2009 my earning turned dead and my job was also at high risk because of conflict with my manager.

I was seriously thinking what to do. Whether I need to find a new job or focus on my online earnings. I keep working on both and one thing that changed the whole scenario is study. Before this I never studied about online business, improving online earnings etc. I was doing all same like an engineer opens a doctor shop and the results was

I was in trouble and earning only 100$-150$ USD monthly. At this stage I felt lack of studies and knowledge for growing online. I search online schools and started studying and spend more than two months and 10 hours of study on regular basis. After the study I realized what i am doing is just like a time passing and wastage of time and high in risk. I just removed the 80% of my previous work and this was the start of my success. Today my monthly earnings are double than my monthly salary and I am thinking that job is wastage of time and only coming to office just because employer needs my services. If someone ask about my job I reply

“I have job but I don’t need it”.

It was just a journey of 1 year after study and now I planned a training course to share this all with the eligible professionals. Every one can’t do it that is why we introduced a test and educational requirements for registration in this course. Please visit and read the course details and eligibility criteria and contact for registration if you are eligible.

Every eligible person can earn online as I already trained many friends and colleagues.

Life is Better when You are Happy!
But Life is Best when other People are Happy because of You!Be the Inspiration…
Give Peace….
Share Your Smile!
Everyone can do this but it may take years to learn and succeed. We designed a short course of 6 days for beginners where we will teach you and your journey of years may ended with success just in one week.

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There are lots of ads in newspapers, on walls, bus stops and other places offering to start earning online but in reality their earning is what you pay them and you lose what you pay them and get disappointed. I personally know some people who lost their money and never ever get a singly penny in return, most of them purchased some memberships for earning online. I assure if you qualify for this course you will not need any job in future.

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