Distance Learning

Distance Learning Online Business Training Course for University Graduates and Experienced Professionals in UK, USA, Europe, UAE, SA, India and Pakistan.

Course Details for Distance Learning

  • Course Teaching on Skype
  • Course Duration 1 Week
  • Class Duration 1 hour
  • Course Fee USD $200, All the fee would be received in advance
  • Teaching Languages are English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi

For entry requirements please visit http://obtc.com.pk/entry-requirements/

For details about the course please visit http://obtc.com.pk/courses/

Join us on Skype by searching “obtc.com.pk” as user name.

Our distance learning program teachings are also very effective and efficient way of learning online business. If you belong to any other city or working oversees as Pakistani or Indian or as Punjabi and Urdu speaking are your primary languages. You are elegible to join our distance learning program online.

Our distance learning program also have some limitations like we do not give you realtime excercises as we do in our office classes.  

Distance learning also lack conversation due to limited time.

Internet issues also creat troubles and waste time of both sides in case of lower speed or link down.

Practically we know the people who comes to our office learn much more with clear concepts than participants of distance learning program.

We recommend all the candidates to join our regular online business training program which is being held every month in our office.

Office learning also provide you a platform for sharing ideas with colleagues and clarity through variety of questions in the class.

Some of our students who participated in classroom activities performing well and definitely earning more than the distance learners.

Anyhow if you are unable to join our office for any reason than you can avail the opportunity of our distance learning program. 

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