We provide consultancy services to companies for Search Engine Optimisation and Blogging of their products and services online. Managing company blogs and CMS of our clients.

In today’s world digital information are becoming more authentic than any other source of information and knowledge. It is very easy to spread the information of your products to the right people who are looking for products/solutions that you are providing/offering. It is also extremely cheaper than any other means of sending information to your clients of the people searching for your products.

We at OBTC do this all for your business at a very nominal cost. We put your business into digital technology and make easy for the searchers to reach your company/products easily for both local as well as international.

What We Do Actually:

We put your business/products/services into top search results for the people searching related products/services. It takes time but we do it as quickly as possible.

SEO Consultancy for Company Blogs…

Enhancing your company presence online with our blogging services.

  • Writing and Developing Search Engine Optimization Based Blogs for Clients
  • SEO Services for Company Blogs

SEO Consultancy for Company Websites…

Its all about achieving your business and company goals online.

  • Content Writing for Company Websites, Including Profile Writing
  • Updating Old Website Contents to Meet New Content Standards
  • Search Engine Optimization of Websites
  • Analyzing and Measuring Performance of the Websites
  • Research on Consumer Activities on Your websites and Making Improvements
  • Localizing the Websites (To put the clients on Top in Local Areas)
  • Local Search Engine Submission

SEO Training For Clients

We also provide training to our clients for improve their online presence and how to write high ranking contents/blogs for search engines to remain on top in search engine. We can train your company staff for seo/content writing/keyword selecting techniques in training workshops.

We already have optimized blogs and websites of our clients for high ranking in the search engine and they are enjoying the benefits of high ranking.


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