Earn from Youtube in Pakistan

New opportunity is announces by YouTube.com for Pakistani professionals to earn online. The method to apply for YouTube.com earning account is also very short and simple.

Anyone who is interested to earn online becomes very simple task but still needs some creativity to make handsome earnings.

All you need to do is create gmail account or long with your old gmail account and sign in on YouTube with same account. Add some videos made from your mobile and with some valuable contents (must be helpful for others to see your contents).

In the createrstudio from login icon go to channel options, add channel and enable monetization and in the video section monetize your videos. Ads will be started to show along with your videos and you are not allowed to click your ads in any case.

Earn from YouTube in Pakistan
Earn from YouTube in Pakistan

As many views your video will get you will be paid some amount for all of them and some extra if somebody click ads shown along with your videos.

Again go to channel settings monetization section and click how you will get paid for and click on the links given. The last step after click the links you need to enter your details after signing in to Adsense.com.

Now the job starts for your earnings and increasing your earnings. Simply search some videos of your interest and get the idea how you can make attractive videos with highest level of visitor engagement and watching tons of videos from your channel and subscribe for your videos.

For more details and questions you can post any query in below comments.

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