What is Blogging for Business

It is fact that thousands of people are earning hundreds and thousands of dollars from their blogs. They really understand the purpose of blogs and follow the latest techniques and designs on their blogs.

A good blog always require regular posts and updates, and then ask for the comments from the visitors and also reply the visitor’s queries and comments on the blog. particularly blog has four main sections. 1 posting area, 2 is comments area, 3 subscriptions and RSS feeds option, 4 is menu of latest posts and articles.

Most of the experienced bloggers and educated people who well aware from the technology as well make unique posts on their blogs. Make their posts interesting for the readers and only relevant to their blogs. They also try to keep their blogs relevant to the subjects and try to cover all areas/chapter of that particular subject. Because in this way readers spend more and more time on their blog, browse that blog more and more and keep visiting regularly.

Blogging in Asia?

In Asia especially south Asia most of the blogger are not well aware from the right concept of blogging. They try to earn more and more without posting new contents on their blogs. But they want their visitors should spend more and more time on their blogs. For this matter they make blogs interesting images of celebrities, personal pictures of ladies etc, and the post huge collection of images on their blogs. Then start promoting their blogs on social networking sites like Facebook etc. so visitors come on their blogs browse some images and then leave their blog without subscription and bookmarking of their blog. Only posting images are not good for high earning from blogs. In this way they make more efforts but earn low. Because these types to content are not considered well by search engines, so search engines rank them in low categories. Because of low ranking your earning will be low. Now Google AdSense is also not registering this type of images blogs.

Purpose of this post is that Asian blogger should change their technique and move to the text based blogs on different topics. Also try to keep their contents unique from the other blogs. In this way their earning can increase upto 200%. Their blog ranking will also be increase to higher level.

if you want to have your own blog with earning facility. Simply logon to blogger.com it’s a blogging platform by Google.

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Written by: M. Samiullah

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