About Us

OBTC is online business training centre in Pakistan guiding, facilitating, motivating the youngsters to grow online and start businesses online as part time or full time. OBTC offering courses to university graduates,  job holders, students, professionals and business-mans to start your personal online business. We offer best opportunities to entrepreneurs, business graduates and professionals to start their online business and if they already have an income source or business we offer additional business sources which will help to accomplish dreams of life.

In simple words if you have qualifications and skills we have opportunities for you. Must read the entry requirements for registration in the offered course.

We give you…

Sustainability, No fear of Unemployment, No more supervision of harsh and moody bosses by starting your own personal online business.

Every great achievement once considered impossible but at OBTC we are making it possible.

We create leaders like you to go online and compete the wold in your competency and expertise. We hope that our all trainees will have their own businesses and employ the youth to teach them, grow them and make the leaders of future online businesses.

We help the students with quality education to achieve their goals in short time and make themselves a happy member of our society.

OBTC encourage every trainee to start his/her own online business within available budget and use their skills for its growth and knowledge power to beat the competitors.

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